Why is it green?
A: After a long and arduous testing process comparing numerous substances, formulations and colorations, we developed a proprietary green pigmentation that dramatically increases the visibility of the detail in the model which makes sanding, filing and finishing much easier than other colors. Our users agree!

How is Froggie Board better?
Along with its increased detail visibility, Froggie Board has a tighter, silkier grain structure than competing products so the machined part is smoother which leads to superior mold quality. Froggie Board is also less powdery and its chips are heavier thus creating less of an airborne dust cloud during the cutting process.

Can Froggie Board models be glued?
Yes, cyanoacrylate and epoxies work great.

Where do I buy it?
Click here to find our dealers.

Why is it called Froggie Board?
Five reasons:
      1. It's funny.
      2. What would you call a modeling board that is green?
      3. "Kermit" is already trademarked.
      4. The marketing department insisted on it.
      5. The owner hates the name. (Best reason of all!)


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